the herb lktira

The original katran form is not one but two, there are two types of katrah. The first of them is the white herb that is used by eating it like normal food. And the other type of that herb is the herb Alktira special paint. which are used in the paint industry. This herb has many different uses. Especially as it contains a lot of benefits, especially when mixed with other herbs.

the herb Alktira

Continued: The herb of many that grows hair

What are the uses of the herb?
The lota herb is one of the many herbs in terms of different uses and uses. The first is that the herb katyra is used in the manufacture of materials that are used in drawing, such as what is known as the marble veining. This marble vein is used with the function of transporting water in bottles for three days and filtering after that. The herb thus takes on the thicker form of this liquid at that time.

And the intervention of this herb in some different uses for hair. Where the herb is used a lot to increase hair and lengthen significantly. In addition to increasing the density and luster of the hair and preventing hair loss in many cases. This herb can be used in the form of a gel. Where the scalp is massaged with the herb and left on the hair for an hour. Before the hair is washed well with clean lukewarm water and thoroughly clean the hair.

Knowing that some studies and research indicated that the use of this herb reduces the effects of itching and coughing. It greatly relieves the pain in the airways or in the chest area when coughing. The herb contributes greatly to the burning of burning in the urine. Especially for those who have diseases such as kidney disease or intestinal disease.

And when we talk about the herb a lot, it is used within the diet to work on the treatment of excessive thinness. It contributes significantly to weight gain. And rid the skin of various diseases and symptoms. Such as melasma and freckles and removes fine lines. It is able to give the skin a beautiful light color. Among the many uses of the herb is that it beautifies the skin and is included in its natural mixtures.

What are the side effects of the herb too much?
Every medicinal herb or medicine, as it has benefits, has harms, but so far studies have not confirmed with certainty the harms caused by the herb. But the bad or excessive use of it by people may cause it to cause diseases to humans. It may cause frizz to the hair when used a lot on it. And it must be clarified that nothing is known as the oil of the herb much.

The herb uses a lot
The herb is widely used in many food industries, as a factor that increases the density and stability of foodstuffs.

It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as creams, topical ointments, and toothpaste as an emulsifier, softener, and binder.

It is also used in other industries such as making paper, cosmetics, textiles, pastel colors, and the cigarette rolling process.

Side effects of using the herb too much
The herb of many is considered safe, but taking it for the purpose of treatment is one of the methods of alternative herbal treatment, and a specialist doctor must be resorted to before taking it, because it is taken as a complementary treatment to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Katya herb affects the absorption of oral medications, because it has the ability to stick to medications in the stomach and intestines, which reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, it is preferable to take other medications before or at least two hours after taking the katyra herb.

Excessive consumption of the herb can cause a number of side effects, including:

hay fever
Abdominal pain.
Diarrhea or constipation.
Intestinal obstruction, so it is preferable to drink plenty of water with the herb Kaleed.
The herb may cause asthma-like symptoms and shortness of breath in people who are allergic to the bark of the bell pepper.

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